Yamandu Costa: Impressions

March 14, 2021at7:00PM (UTC)

“Songs composed during the pandemic. Music made for emotional survival during an unprecedented time.”

With much regret we have had to cancel many concerts, both at the onset of the pandemic in March of 2020 and still today. I channeled my frustrated feelings of helplessness into something positive and creating: composing music for the places I wasn’t able to go.

One of these compositions, entitled “Herança Russa” (Russian Heritage), I wrote the week I was supposed to be playing in Moscow, imagining myself there. This piece combines various elements and languages, and is reminiscent of a “Arrasta-pé,” a music and dance genre typical of the northeastern region of Brazil, and also carries strong allusions to Slavic polkas.

In researching the origins of the seven-string guitar, I discovered many interesting stories including that it possibly originated in Russia before coming to Brazil (though the origins are still unknown).

I encourage you to live this music, which in the blink of an eye can transport us anywhere.

Força (Yamandu Costa)
Insouciance (Yamandu Costa)
Limeña (Yamandu Costa)
Choro da Espera (Yamandu Costa)
Feitiço de Nazareth (Yamandu Costa)
Branca (Yamandu Costa)
Porro Suite n2 (Gentil Montanã)
Herança Russa (Yamandu Costa)
Serelepe (Yamandu Costa)
Intrigante (Yamandu Costa)
Milongueiro (Yamandu Costa)
Samba Pro Rapha (Yamandu Costa)
Sarará (Yamandu Costa)
Chegada (Yamandu Costa)

Porro IV of the Colombian Suite, No.2 - Gentil Montaña
Samba pro Rafa - Yamandu Costa (Due to popular demand)
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