Palomania!: Livestream from The Basement East

September 22, 2021at1:00AM (UTC)

A celebration of California Country and the horse it rode in on.

The legendary Hollywood Palomino Club will be resurrected during Americanafest week at The Basement East on the evening of September 21st. As in the tradition of the Palomino, there will be an updated version of the “World Famous Palomino Talent Show.” Many of the night’s performers were fortunate enough to perform at the club before it closed in 1995. The stars and hosts of the festivities will be Rosie Flores and James Intveld.

Cosmic Honky Tonk Revue with Jim Lauderdale, Jason Ringenberg & Chuck Mead.

Special Guest Appearances by Desert Hollow, The Hawthorns, Jesse Malin, Kashena Sampson, Lauren Morrow, The Mastersons, Nocona, The Shootouts, Side Pony, The Whitmore Sisters, Waylon Payne, Phil “Road Mangler” Kaufman, and more!

All proceeds go towards the making of Palomania, the Documentary about the Palomino and its legacy.